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Why MaskOff Doesn’t Work with Voxi

In a world where privacy and security are paramount, apps like MaskOff have emerged as essential tools for revealing the identities behind No Caller ID calls. However, Voxi users find themselves at a disadvantage, as the app fails to work with Voxi SIMs. The root of this issue isn’t as complex as one might think: it boils down to Voxi’s lack of support for call forwarding, a crucial functionality for MaskOff’s operation. This article sheds light on why this single feature’s absence significantly impacts the app’s compatibility.

MaskOff operates by using call forwarding to redirect incoming calls to a service that identifies the caller’s number before passing the call back to the user’s phone. This process is seamless and occurs in real-time, ensuring users can see who is calling, even if the caller has concealed their number. The effectiveness of MaskOff, therefore, hinges on the ability to use call forwarding, a feature that must be supported and enabled by the user’s mobile network provider.

Voxi, a popular MVNO targeting a youthful demographic with flexible data plans and a strong focus on social media, operates on the infrastructure of its parent network. Despite its innovative offerings, Voxi does not support call forwarding—a decision that likely stems from its business model and technical constraints. This lack of support for call forwarding is not just a minor omission but a critical factor that directly affects the use of third-party security and privacy apps like MaskOff.

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